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Koorda Museum

The Museum takes its theme from the buildings' origin as a Hospital in the years before World War II.

After a considerable amount of fundraising the Hospital was built by J.W. Price for £800. The Hospital was officially opened on the 24th September 1932.

Two rooms have been set up to represent hospital wards of that time, with old hospital beds, children's cots, scales used for weighing babies and items used in the operating room, which is still on the back verandah.

The doctors surgery has an interesting display of old hospital and surgical equipment, including a collection of instruments which were made and donated by the first doctor in the district, who practiced in Koorda  from 1932 - 1935 the late Dr. Len Chester.

The Matrons' room and the hospital kitchen have been set up as close to what they would have been while the hospital was in use. They also include pieces and memorabilia to show how such rooms would have been decorated in the homes of some of the first settlers in the district.

The original pantry and linen room now houses a display of china, chrystal and ornaments acquired from many of the families of the district.

The walls in the passageway are adorned with images of people and events that have played a significant part in the developement of the Koorda district, along with photographs of projects undertaken by the historical society.

The second building was opened in 1936 and was the Maternity wing. The large room in the front is now used to display Honour Boards and other paraphernalia from local clubs and organisations, issues of local papers, personal diaries, shire papers as well as a reconstruction of the Road Board counter and office equipment used in the post war period. All these archives are available for information when doing historical research.

A display of women's fashion over the years is also housed in this building, with a display of clothing, shoes, hats and accessories.

Another room is currently a work in progress and will house photography, letters, postcards etc. there is also a room is being set up to enable visitors to sit and look at photograph albums and other printed material.

Maps of the district and other items showing the settlement and developement, along with posters of the many businesses that operated in Koorda from 1923 are displayed in along the passageway of the Maternity wing.

Behind the main building is a shed with an extensive display of farming machinery, tools and other equipment needed and used by pioneering farmers.

There is also a disply of early farming machinery and pioneer homestead effects.

Due to wartime needs for medical personnel the hospital was closed. In 1946 the Education department was approached by local residents to use the building as a hostel. The building housed up to 40 children from surrounding farms during the week so they could attend school, going home on weekends. This was a boon to the district. Mrs. Edith Woods was the first Matron, followed by Mrs. Gurney then Miss. Elsie Evans, who married a local man Mr. Paddy Alford. With the advent of school buses around 1956, the hostel closed. 

Over the years the building has been used for many purposes, including teachers accommodation, hairdressing etc.

The police department then took it over as a police station and police residence, with a jail cell out the back, which was brought to Koorda from Perenjori. The new police station was built in 1972 and the hospital building was vacated once again. The historical society was then able to use part of the building to create the Hospital Museum. 

The Maternity wing was used as a Kindergarten, Youth Club, Local Newspaper rooms (Narkal Notes) until 1983.

The two buildings are now used to house the vast collection of medical, household and agricultural items that have been a part of our history.

Mrs. Eva Braid was intrumental in providing much of the history and many artifacts obtained from donors in the district and elsewhere, to set up the museums displays.

The Museum was officially opened on the 5th October 1975 by the first doctor, Dr. Len Chester (deceased)

We are very proud of our collection, which is cared for by just a few dedicated volunteers.

Visitors are very welcome,  but must contact one of the following volunteers to arrange a suitable time.

Mrs. Marj Delane 9684 1297

Mr. Malcolm Henning / Mrs. Merle Henning 9684 3024

Mr. Colin Strahan / Mrs. Margaret Strahan 9684 4024